Cousins of the Land

When we (Nicole and Jess - hi!) opened in 2015, we simply wanted to provide Kansas City with a place for non-toxic, sustainable products that are good for bodies and the planet.

And it’s become so much more than that:

  • + It’s a place you come to just hang out (it happens, and we love that).
  • + Where you’ll find all kinds of things you didn’t know you needed (sorry...?).
  • + To discover and learn and grow — no matter where you are on your journey to “clean things up."
  • + And to pour back in to yourself all that you give out to others. (We’ll take this as our chance to plug the Spa).
  • + Walking in always comes with an element of surprise, exploring what’s new on the shelves — from all from the Makers we love to support from around the world.
  • + We’re proud it’s given many the title of “the best gift giver” (even if it’s something for yourself) and made healthier choices easier to achieve.
  • + Above all, it’s rooted in trust. Trust that everything in it has been researched, vetted and intentionally curated to be free of harsh chemicals.

HAND & LAND is a reflection of our hearts, but our clients have given it its soul.