Cousins of the Land

We are Nicole & Jess; cousins of the land, living our healthiest lives and supporting environmental efforts in the process.

The definition of health is evolving, and a variety of expressions such as yoga, body work, meditation, energy work, crystal healing, and traditional healing methods are becoming popularized and more mainstream.  As we continue down the green path, we may discover areas in our lives that need attention that might not have been as obvious. We had our "ah-ha" moments when we realized that the majority of our personal care products were laden with harmful chemicals. We remember thinking "How is this even possible? How can these companies get away with using chemical fillers as ingredients?"

Not everyone knows that on average women use 12 personal care products a day that contain roughly 168 different chemical ingredients that can contribute to individual toxic build up, illness, and dis-ease. What the what? Yes. And did you know that it has been 80 years since congress voted to regulate cosmetics? 

See, large corporations are in a position of power and currently have the ability to legally put profit over health. We opened HAND & LAND so that everyone has access to high quality, plant based products in our area. It is with the power of plants that we have felt and seen unparalleled, positive results in the quality of our physical bodies, our skin, hair health, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well - and you will too!