Yin Yang Chenga Hat


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About the Product: Yin and Yang represent dualism, how seemingly conflicting forces are actually complementary in nature. Embroidered on a classic six-panel, unstructured baseball cap as a reminder that the Universe is governed by a cosmic duality. The slightly pre-curved brim and worn-in fit makes the Chenga Cap feel like an old favorite and keeps you comfortable on your journey to enlightenment.

About the Maker: JUNGMAVEN grew from roots of simplicity and sustainability. In the early '90's JUNGMAVEN founder, Robert Jungmann, became passionate about putting a stop to clear-cutting practices that devastate the planet– and knew growing hemp offered a solution to this, as well as to many other environmental issues. At that time, hemp was not considered fashion, and Rob’s concept to design a high-quality hemp tee was born from a determination to get the industry and the public to recognize both hemp's massive potential to heal the planet and to become a fashion-forward textile. 

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