Travel Size Mind and Body Wash

Bathing Culture

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About the Product:
Inspired by Northern California's great outdoors. The scent transports you to the Redwood canopies and cleanses your body and mind.

This formula is concentrated, just just a dab will do you, and don't forget to refill in store!

Organic coconut oilOrganic olive oilOrganic sunflower oilNatural plant glycerin (soy bean)Aloe veraShea butterGuar beanCitric acid& Essential oils.

*Check packaging for most up-to-date ingredient list. 

About the Maker:
Bathing culture was created to save people and the planet. Peace through bathing is their motto. How it bonds humanity and cultures across time and space. It’s ability to transform and bring joy. They believe in the art of bathing, the traditions it holds, and the future it will bring.