Tallow Balm

Roots & Leaves


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About the Product: Organic grass-fed beef tallow is a perfect, quality, non-toxic and moisturizing product for your skin. It is protective, soothing, and restorative. Animal fats have played a key role in salves, ointments, poultices, and skincare for peoples around the world throughout history, including Babylonians, Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, Inuit, the Himba and Hamer tribes, and Native Americans. Use it to moisturize hair and skin, soothe chapped lips, heal cracked knuckles, smooth scratchy feet, ease diaper rash, calm eczema and rosacea, and even help blisters and cuts heal. 2 oz.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Grassfed Tallow and Organic, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (less than 10% and this helps to "whip" the tallow balm).

About the Maker: Diagnoses of Lyme’s disease and mold exposure, led Haley to explore the world of healing herbs. Today Haley and her small team make and packages the same products that have helped her and her family. The passion of Roots & Leaves is to produce organic herbal remedies that are affordable for all and to put the power to heal back into consumers hands.

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