Strawberry Italian Plum Rosewater Jam

V Smiley Preserves

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About the Product: Always count on luscious texture from preserves filled with stone fruit. This jam relies on the later season of plums, often a plethora of Italian Prune Plums with a round-out of other European (late season) plums from Vermont and New York. A little more tart (as Strawberry Jams go), this one's great for someone who wants a strawberry preserve that's less sweet. A light rose flavor lingers from the spritz of rosewater added to the pots at the end of the cooking process.

Ingredients: late season plums, organic strawberries, honey, lemon juice, rose water.

About the Maker: V Smiley Preserves are farm and season driven. Making jam is about capturing beautiful fruit and its sibling, honey. Currants, elderberries, apples, rhubarb, gooseberries, raspberries, tomatoes and many aromatics come from the Smiley family farm--affectionately called Lil To Do Farm--in New Haven Vermont. We also use fruit from Omar Fugaro in Middlebury who grows using organic methods though he is not certified organic. The citrus of the marmalades is always certified organic. 75% of the stone fruit comes from New York State's Hudson River Valley orchards, only a couple hours away! The back up stone fruit is certified organic. Scott Farm in Dummerston supplies pomme fruits.