Silk Dental Floss

Clean Planetware


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About the Product:
Traditional floss is made from polyester fiber and petroleum wax, both non-sustainable and polluting products. In contrast, this eco-floss is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials: silk and bees wax. 

About the Maker:
Clean Planetware was founded on a simple idea: that the products we use on a daily basis, from toothbrushes to plates to straws, should be healthy for us and healthy for the planet that we live on. In our modern society, we produce billions of single-use products each year that will not break down for thousands of years and will pollute soil, oceans, and rivers throughout their lifetime. At Clean Planetware, they find this concept to be not just nonsensical, but also unecological and uneconomical.

In their company you will find products that are both wonderful to use and that do wonders for our Earth's health. They are manufacturing and sourcing products that will either last a lifetime (reusables) or that will disappear quickly after use (compostables).  They strive to offer items with minimal to no plastic in both product and packaging.