Sexy Little Mush Beeswax Candle

Mother Madre Bees


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About the Product: The "SLM" candle symbolizes rebirth for those who burn. These candles are hand-poured from 100% pure beeswax sourced from small, bee-centric woman beekeepers. Also, more fondly known as bee guardians. These bee guardians work in harmony with the bees, only taking what is extra and abundant in the hive. 

About the Maker: Mother Madre Bees was created by Finnigan Noel a natural bee guardian and herbalist from Santa Barbara, Ca. Mother Madre Bees is the expression of her love for the honeybee and Mother Earth. Her 100% pure beeswax solful candles were created to "honor the Mother within and without.” The Mother is a symbol of abundance and creation, just like the honeybee. Mother Earth creates everything that we all need to survive and thrive. We honor the Mother by being mindful, ethical & sustainable. We do not take before asking, we do not create without permission. Our dear friend the honeybee dances between this world and the next. They are prophecy holders, dream holders. They wove the dream of Mother Madre Bees into reality.