Pure Rose Drinkable Rose Water

Royal Sense


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About the Product: This pure Bulgarian rose water contains nutritious rose juices and pure rose oil. It is for internal and external uses. Benefits include promoting a healthy digestive system, helping your body to detoxify, balance your energy level, improve your mood, freshen breath and create a sense of well-being. 

Fresh organic rose petals of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Rose are hand-picked from the rose fields in the "Rose Valley" in the morning while the dew is still on them. These fresh rose petals immediately go through a very meticulous steam-distillation process. During the process, purified distilled water passes through fresh rose petals, and extracts all of the soluble elements (nutritious rose juices and pure rose oil). The water which condenses and drips into a collecting vessel is called Rose Water. Especially, the Rose Water produced through this meticulous steam-distillation process is called "Rose Hydrosol" from Latin.

How to Use: Pour 1oz into your water bottle and top with water or juice. Add to hot or iced tea, cereal, fruit salads, salad dressing, champagne, martinis or other mixed drinks. Top ice-cream. Use in dairy desserts.

About the Maker: Royal Sense's rose water is hand crafted in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria from fresh organic Rosa Damascena Rose petals. Their passion and business focus is to spread the experience and the benefits of the authentic 100% organic Bulgarian Rose Water to the world.  

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