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About the Product: Dragon Langerie (or "Dragon's Tongue") is a Dutch heirloom snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) that tastes as beautiful as it looks. Plants produce prodigious yields of white, flattened pods that with purple streaks that are harvested young and eaten whole. The pods have a sweet succulence that make this the perfect bean for eating right off the plant, although we also chop and stir fry them. If the pods are allowed to fully mature they can also be used as a shelling bean. Plants have a bush-like habit and don't require trellising. This is truly a workhorse variety that we grow nearly every summer on our farm.

55 days fresh. 95 days shell. Annual.
Seeds are certified organic.

About the Maker: The Plant Good Seed Company is in the business of life. The vegetable, flower, and herb seed varieties in their catalog are sourced directly from their network of growers in Ojai, California and beyond and are never genetically engineered or treated.

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