Organic Rose Syrup

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About the Product: Organic rose syrup as it's meant to be. No colors or dyes. No additives. Just simple, evaporated cane juice, roses, water, and lemon juice. Delicious! 8.5 oz. 

How to Use: Rose syrup, diluted with fresh water, a few slices of lemon or a mint leaf becomes a pleasant refreshing drink. A few drops in a glass of fresh sparkling wine or in a fruit cocktail, as in hot or cold tea, are also very pleasant.

Other uses can be: in fruit salads, even with just peaches or melons, on strawberries and raspberries with cream, to flavor various desserts such as panna cotta or bavarois, on crèpes. Excellent for flavoring delicately flavored ice creams. The traditional use in Liguria, Italy is to dilute it with fresh water or hot water as an invigorating drink: in the not too distant past, in Genoa, the kids of the youth football teams drank it in the interval between the first and second half.

Ingredients: Sugar*, rose infusion (rose petals* 47%), water, lemon juice*

(*from organic farming)

About the Maker: Rosa di Magliano is a small family-run, certified organic farm in Italy. Since 1998 they have been growing ancient roses to produce syrup, preserves and other products from the fragrant petals. The farm grows roses as if they were wild plants, respecting the environment that surrounds them, with passion and dedication in all phases, from the earth to the table.

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