Organic Golden Jojoba - 4oz

Heather Loraine

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About the Product: Golden Jojoba Oil is heavier and penetrates more slowly. This is a good quality for symptomatic relief of skin problems like psoriasis, seborrhea, cradle cap, acne, rosacea, eczema and very dry skin.

How to Use: Jojoba Oil can be used as a hot oil treatment or hair gloss with the added benefit of dissolving sebum was which clogs hair follicles and is a factor in dry scalp, dry hair and hair loss. The stability of jojoba oil is excellent. It has an indefinite shelf life if it is not contaminated.

About the Maker: Heather Loraine Cosmetics was formed in 1994 by Dennis and Adrienne Slavens. After farming nearly 2000 acres of jojoba for over 18 years, Dennis and Adrienne wanted to share their knowledge of the benefits of Jojoba with everyone. Dennis and Adrienne had the advantage of knowing the end-to-end growth and processing of jojoba; from farming seedlings to harvesting and pressing, to an oil bottle in your home. Heather Loraine Cosmetics sells jojoba and other seed oils to stores and customers all over the U.S. After Dennis and Adrienne's retirement, Samantha carries on Dennis and Adrienne's mission of providing the finest and highest quality oils to discerning customers.