Metsä Hand Wash


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About the Product: A natural, deep cleansing green soap made from premium organic vegetable oils. A gentle formulation containing pine, juniper and spruce needles to effectively cleanse the hands without drying them out. Antibacterial function for healthy, clean and germ-free hands. Oils made of pine twigs are also shown to improve resistance and they give the product the healing power from Finnish forest. Natural, vegan, fully biodegradable, Finnish forest scent.

About the Maker: HETKINEN is a Finnish lifestyle company that creates small design items and cosmetics from the pine wood. Hetkinen was founded in 2018. HETKINEN takes inspiration from the Finnish forests and trees. The design approach is careful and minimalist. Everything is made in harmony with nature. All Hetkinen products are manufactured in Finland at the company’s own factories.

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