Merlin F1 Red Beet Seeds

Plant Good Seed

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About the Product: Merlin beet showcases globe-shaped roots with a uniform, dark red exterior and interior. The plant has a medium top height, with smooth green leaves growing in an upright habit.

  • This variety exhibits high resistance to bolting and matures around mid-season, offering a flexible harvest timeframe for growers.
  • Merlin is suitable for specialty, fresh, multi, bunch, and processing markets, as well as baby leaf production.

Plants produce harvestable roots 85-90 days when seeding in ideal soil and climate conditions.

Seeds are certified organic.

About the Maker: The Plant Good Seed Company is in the business of life. The vegetable, flower, and herb seed varieties in their catalog are sourced directly from their network of growers in Ojai, California and beyond and are never genetically engineered or treated.

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