Lhasa Incense Scroll



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About the Product:
Incausa Lhasa Tibetan incense smells like walking into a sacred temple. Made according to traditional Tibetan incense recipes using ingredients such as sage, pine and clove. It's subtle and a bit spicy and purifies the air in a unique way. You'll often find us burning this incense throughout the day at the shop and spa. 

About the Maker:
Collaborating with artisans, villages and associations of eight different native ethnicities in the Amazon Basin.  Acting as a non-profit patron, subsidizing logistics and production, developing sustainable retail and wholesale market-placements.  Incausa offers a collection of handwoven baskets, ethically sourced ingredients for incense, Palo Santo, Sage and more from artisans who keep a strong connection to an ancestry that spans millenniums, creating a dialogue between different cultures and breaking a cycle of prejudice and discrimination.

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