Her Tee

Le Bon Shoppe


This variant is currently sold out

About the product: Have you ever wished there was a top that you could wear with anything, we mean anything? And it doesn’t shrink 2 sizes smaller and still looks the same after washing it? You don’t have to think anymore when getting dressed because you can literally wear her with any outfit, any season, any occasion.

About the Maker: Le Bon Shoppe literally means ‘The Good Shop’. Le Bon Shoppe was started with the intention to offer good products that make you look good and feel good. Having been on the manufacturer’s end of the fashion industry, they produce limited runs of garments in an intentional and curated way in order to avoid waste. Products are made to outlast the whims of trends and the wear and tear of time. These pieces are part of a lifestyle that makes the conscious choice to consume less and consume better.

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