Cedarwood Essential Oil



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About the Product:
100% pure essential oils that contain absolutely no fillers, diluting oils, synthetic fragrances, or unnatural components of any kind.

At Vitruvi they source essential oils from more than 30 countries around the world; from France to Madagascar they choose regions that produce the highest quality oils so they can bring the best essential oils from around the globe directly to you.

About the Maker:
At Vitruvi they believe the products you use should be multipurpose and should be good for you and the planet. They source traditional essential oils from over 30 countries and formulate them in contemporary ways for every facet of your dynamic life. From waking up, working at your desk, creating your own skincare or washing your dishes - They help you weave the science and benefit of scent and essential oils throughout your days. They started Vitruvi as a passion product designing products that they wanted. What resulted was the first direct to consumer essential oil company creating premium essential oil products for millennial woman. Their products are build by women and designed for women and their goal is simple, to create products that help women take care of themselves so they can take on the world. 

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