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About the Product: The Rose Otto oil used in this balm is produced in Bulgaria.  It is a truly amazing oil and brings a beautiful energy and peacefulness to the user.  The Ecuadorian grown cocoa butter adds a chocolate center that is organic and healing on its own. 

How to Use: To use just rub your fingers over the top of the balm and the balm will melt just the right amount. Then it can be applied to the face or hands or wherever you may need it.

Ingredients: This moisturizing balm also has organic rose hip seed oil that is excellent for aging or mature skin, organic coconut oil and organic jojoba oil as well. 

About the Maker:  Virginia Boone started Medicine of the People in 1995. Recently she changed part of their company name. It used to be Medicine of the people “A life way revolution” and now we are Medicine of the People “A Native America Made Product”. For us “A Native America made product” represents a way of making products that has our people’s needs in mind. It is a way of saying that we can make products that are distinctly ours. It is about being original, developing products with respect for our culture and the traditions that were passed on to us. It is about finding our voice and creating positive change.