Birdseye Organic Cotton Cloths - 12 Pack



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Our luxurious 100% Organic Cotton Hand and Face Towels, where indulgence meets sustainability. Crafted with care from the finest organic cotton fibers, these towels provide an unparalleled softness that pampers your skin and elevates your daily self-care routine.

Our commitment to Mother Earth is unwavering; these towels are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic materials. Embrace the eco-conscious lifestyle as you wrap yourself in pure goodness, knowing that each towel is responsibly sourced and produced with love for the environment.

Designed for optimal absorbency and quick drying, our hand and face towels ensure a refreshing and hygienic experience every time you use them. Whether you're stepping out of a soothing bath or just refreshing your face, these towels embrace you in natural comfort, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.