Wisdom of the Path

Harper Collins Publishing


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A roadmap to self-healing and tapping into our inner wisdom when we need it most, from mental wellness advocate, self-healing educator, and author of The Sugar Jar Yasmine Cheyenne.

“When I decided to stop hiding in the shadows of what I’d been through and embrace the hills and rugged terrain of my life, I saw who I really was and loved her.”—FROM THE EPILOGUE

We’re each walking our own journey, and sometimes it's a hard one: a divorce, a career change, grief, or a major life transition. These chapters of our lives can leave us feeling lost and overwhelmed thinking, “How did I end up here?” Most often, the answers we tell ourselves make us feel either stuck on the path or stuck in shame. We are uncomfortable with the discomfort that life inevitably presents.

But another possibility is that we allow this question to spark curiosity that inspires and invites us to keep going, step by step, until we arrive on the other side of our journey.

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