Soothe Compound: Calendula + Oats


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About the Product: Soothe Compound is a boost of plant medicine formulated to support symptoms that stem from inflammation and imbalance, including redness, irritation, acne, microbiome and barrier disruption, puffiness, eczema, perioral dermatitis, and sun damage. These concentrated drops capture the healing power of Calendula, alongside the nourishing Oat plant.

How to Use: Begin by emptying the Compound dropper of its contents, tightening the lid, and shaking the product well. After a generous application of Elixir, apply 1-2 drops of Soothe Compound to fingertips and press gently into damp skin. Follow with Serum and/or Balm.

Ingredients: Calendula Flower Triple Infusion°, Milky Oat Double Infusion°, Oat Milk°, Calendula Hydrosol°, Grape Alcohol°, Flax Glycerine°
˚organically grown ingredient

About the Maker: The Laurel line is a ritualistic range of flower and herb-based skincare, formulated with impeccably sourced, highly vibrant whole plants picked at their peak for unmatched transparency, purity, and results. Firmly rooted in the principles and practices of Slow Beauty, Laurel’s first and most critical relationship is with the land. Her exclusive partnerships with local artisan farmers ensure the highest quality and most stringent transparency. Their mutual commitment to only 100% organic, raw, unrefined plant materials guarantees unparalleled freshness and efficacy. Laurel Skin believes beauty should be a loving self care practice that begins and ends with mindfulness.