Pearwood + Goat Hair Dust Brush



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About the Product: This hand-assembled dust brush is made of goat hair and oiled pear wood. It is especially suited for smooth delicate surfaces such as pianos, glass tables and other furniture. Clean the dust brush with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. After washing, wrap the dust brush in a towel and carefully press out excess water. Hang dry. You may gently comb the brush using a metal comb and it will last a lifetime. Light goat hair with black dot. 34 cm.

About the Maker: Redecker makes products in Germany with an emphasis on sustainability and quality. Founder Friedel Redecker earned his living as a brushmaker, because he went blind as a child. His inventiveness, sense of quality and persistence brought about a company that has been selling its natural products world-wide for three generations.

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