Organic Magliano Rose Petal Jam Preserve

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About the Product: This decadent, fragrant, Organic Rose Petal Jam is handmade by Isabella Devetta in Italy. The only ingredients are rose petals, lemon juice and cane sugar. This preserve is characterized by a flavor that develops in three distinct phases: the first is the tannin, the second is the sweetness, the third is the pure essence of the flower which explodes in the mouth and persists with great intensity. This makes it a concentrate of flavor and it is sufficient to use a minimal quantity. 4.6 oz.

How to Use: The preserve is ideal for breakfast, it can be spread on toast with butter or mixed with natural plain yogurt. It can be used as a cold filling for sponge cakes or chocolate, to flavor a good sheep's ricotta. It can accompany some types of cheeses, such as pecorino primo sale or goat's cheese.

Ingredients: sugar*, rose petals*, lemon juice*

(*from organic farming)

About the Maker: Rosa di Magliano is a small family-run, certified organic farm in Italy. Since 1998 they have been growing ancient roses to produce syrup, preserves and other products from the fragrant petals. The farm grows roses as if they were wild plants, respecting the environment that surrounds them, with passion and dedication in all phases, from the earth to the table.

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