Jewelweed Spray



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About the Product:
This locally-sourced jewelweed spray is a must have for outdoor adventures and plant-related itches, such as poison ivy. Jewelweed, also known as touch me not, is an amazing gift for preventing poison ivy rashes.

How to Use:
Apply directly onto the area immediately after where you think you touched poison ivy.

Good4You locally gathered jewelweed blossom hydrosol from USA (Impatiens capensis, our own steam distillation with purified water), purveyed certified organic witch hazel extract from USA (Hamamelis virginiana, 86% witch hazel extract and 14% grain alcohol), locally gathered jewelweed blossoms and leaves from USA, Titos Handmade American Vodka (40% alcohol), distilled water.

About the Maker:
This natural jewelweed spray was small batch handmade by Good4You. All ingredients in each Good4You product is local or organic, gmo-free and sustainably sourced with recycled and eco-friendly packaging. Plus, all products are plant based, cruelty free and 100% natural.

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