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About the Product:
Wake up with Encarna. Dubbed “liquid gold,” this winning supplement completely replaces your daily vitamins…and so much more! Add Encarna to your morning routine for increased mental clarity and natural energy (without the caffeine jitters). A formulation of 310 all-natural ingredients (yes really, 310) including essential minerals and amino acids work daily to support your methylation cycle (that’s how your body breaks down food for nutritional support), and cellular health.

Natural Folate & B-vitamin complex, Essential Omega-3 Fatty acids, Essential Fulvic Minerals, Alkalizing plant enzymes, Natural Prebiotics, Bone & Joint supporting Methy-Sulphamethane(MSM)

About the Maker:
5 generations of dynamic women who’ve lived the Almeda lifestyle, nourishing their loved ones with a nutrient-rich diet, Almeda’s descendants, Stacy and Kylie, are taking a pioneering approach to holistic health. The Almeda approach fuses modern-day science with a timeless understanding of what our bodies need to feel vibrant. Today, Almeda offers a complete range of nourishing products—all harnessing the remarkable benefits and functionality of organic ingredients.