Baby Moon Bum Spray

Brooklyn Herborium


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About the Product:
Baby Moon Bum Spray is a natural alternative to baby wipes for your little one to avoid chemicals in commercial baby wipes that can be potentially irritating. 

Combined with herbal hydrosols and infused Witch Hazel and Tea Tree essential oils, this spray cleanses and protects any size bottom. With only 7% organic alcohol, this natural baby wipe alternative kills bacteria and prevents diaper rash.

How to Use:
Spray on a soft cloth and wipe baby with firm, yet gentle, motions when changing diaper. For crustier issues, hold a moistened cloth on the area for a moment before wiping. Also can be used to soothe and reduce momma’s external hemorrhoids post-partum. 

organic hydrodistillates of witch hazel, rose, chamomile and lemon balm, organic alcohol, essential oil of tea tree

About the Maker:
The Brooklyn Herborium, located in Brooklyn, New York is the work of two mothers coming together to share their knowledge and curiosity about herbs and holistic skincare through their products that are handmade and bottled in small batches.