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About the Product:

This formula combines the immune-modulating power of reishi mushroom and the tonic action of bitter artichoke with fresh stinging nettles, a classic mucous membrane remedy.

  1. Fast-acting when you need it most; can also be taken daily long-term
  2. For healthy eyes, nose & sinus
  3. Seasonal and year-round support; indoor & outdoor sensitivities
  4. Features raw, organic honey & certified organic, hand-processed fresh nettles


Water, Organic Alcohol, Org. Fresh Stinging Nettle, Org. Red Reishi, Org. Artichoke, Org. Elderflower, Org. Red Clover, and Org. Raw Honey.

About the Maker:
Urban Moonshine was founded in 2008 in Jovial King’s kitchen with the goal of making herbal medicine more accessible. They specialize in liquid herbal extracts with a focus on digestive bitters, herbal tonics, and everyday health remedies..

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