Almond Butter Chocolate Truffle - 2 Pack

Holy Chocomoly


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About the Product: Almond Butter Chocolate Truffles. 100% heaven. 0% guilt. Your body craves wholesome, natural foods and your soul craves chocolate. Now you can satisfy them both. Enjoy with coffee, as a late afternoon pick-me-up, post-workout, or whenever you crave a healthier, holier treat. 

Ingredients: bittersweet chocolate/cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, sugar and natural flavor), unsweetened coconut cream, dates, almond flour, almond butter, crushed almonds.

Allergens: contains coconut, may contain milk, walnuts, peanuts, other tree nuts, wheat and soya.

About the Maker: Holy Chocomoly sources ingredients from nature, not a lab. Their truffles are made with healthy nut butters, fiber-rich dates and premium dark chocolate. They are hand-crafted and made in small batches skipping preservatives and additives and ensuring that every truffle is of the highest quality.

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